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Assertiveness Program

Assertiveness Program


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Assertive communication is a core skill that simply means that a person is able to express themselves in a manner that simultaneously gets their ideas, question and opinions across without being aggressive or hurting others, and without being too passive and hurting themselves by neglecting their own needs and wants.

Assertiveness is strongly associated with confidence and is not to be confused with aggressive communication. Whereas an aggressive communicator often comes off as a bully and may be considered selfish, often damaging relationships and self-esteem, an assertive communicator is one that uses clear language, in their own voice, respecting both self and others.

Differentiating between different communication styles brings an awareness and intentionality to one’s self-expression.

Using resources that vary from workbooks to hula hoops, obstacle courses and crafts, this dynamic two-week program aims to teach children how to appropriately use their voice and their power to advocate for themselves while recognizing the harmful connotations associated with abusing their power or giving it away.

This program is designed for boys and girls, ages 8 to 11 years old.

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